January 4, 2022

Choosing the best mobile slots to play in 2022

Tendai Moyo
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Forget about those “expert” players and blogs advising beginners to play skill games like poker and blackjack. The reality on the ground is that mobile slots are the fan-favorites. These games are effortless to play, and the payout is second to none. In fact, the highest online gambling wins have been from slots.

Choosing the best mobile slots to play in 2022

But to enjoy the ultimate slot experience, playing at the very best mobile slots isn’t an option. There are a few checkboxes a slot machine must tick to be considered player-friendly. And that’s what this post will share with you.

The house edge

The house edge is a “forced evil” whether playing mobile slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, or baccarat. In plain words, all real-money online casino games have a house edge. This refers to the amount that players can lose for every $100 bet. So, for instance, players lose $4 when playing at a slot machine with a 4% house edge.

Now because the house edge determines what you can win in the long haul, it’s advisable to aim as low as possible. Conversely, the game’s RTP should be higher. The industry average is anything more than 96%. 

For more clarification, see this example. You choose a game with a 2% house edge. Then, you proceed to play 100 spins per hour, each spin costing around $10. Now to find your hourly loss at the mobile casino, multiply 2% x 100 x $10 = $20. It’s common knowledge that this amount increases with a higher house edge. 

Slot machine variance

In addition to the house edge, the best mobile slots also come with something called variance or volatility. This is the risk factor attached to the slot machine. Or, in simple words, it’s how often the game pays out in the short term. Get it wrong in this case, and you might quit playing slot machines altogether.

That said, online slot variance is either high, medium, or low. A high volatility slot is basically for high rollers. In this type of game, the wins are less often, but they can be earth-shaking when they finally come. The reverse is true about low variance slots, tailor-made for conservative gamblers.

Consider this; Pragmatic Play’s Christmas Big Bass Bonanza comes with a 4/5 variance. On a scale of five, it means that this game ranks on the higher side of things. So, don’t play it if you have a limited bankroll. Fortunately, there are thousands of low variance slots for budget players.

Game quality

Another vital mobile slot machine feature to consider is the game quality. A slot machine with an entertaining storyline, quality design, and immersive sounds is worth paying anything to play. 

But thanks to the advanced game development technology, game developers have excelled in this department. For a quality experience, only play online slots from reputable studios like Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, and so on.

Staying with the same point, check whether the slot machine offers the same quality on smartphones and tablets. This is a genuine concern considering that most ‘average’ smartphones are not as developed as computers. And most importantly, only play mobile casino games with a strong Wi-Fi or data connection. A weak internet can freeze the gameplay and make the game graphics fuzzy.


To round up things, playing mobile slots is convenient, safe, and fun. You only need to carefully select a suitable game to play by following the criteria above. Of course, there are other essential features to consider, like the betting limits, game mechanics, and bonuses promotions. At the end of it all, only play games from reputable software developers.

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