How to Select the Best Mobile Casino Payment Method



Just as the gambling industry is still coming to terms with online casinos' dominance, a new norm is already taking over. With the best mobile casinos, punters can enjoy themselves pretty much anywhere and win exorbitant prizes. But what should a player look for when selecting a mobile casino? For some, it's all about bonuses, while others go for the game library.

How to Select the Best Mobile Casino Payment Method

However, the available casino payment methods are equally important. Remember, choosing the right payment method can determine how long your payment takes to be processed and how much you get. So, in today's guide, you'll learn a few tricks to dig out the right mobile casino payment method.

Trick #1. Check the Security and Safety

Because you'll be betting using real money, it's critical to ensure your personal information and funds' safety. In fact, this is the most crucial factor when selecting the best mobile casino banking method. A reliable banking method should be SSL encrypted for protecting your personal transaction information. Websites with a green bar beside the URL are SSL encrypted. Also, check if a legal financial authority or government regulates the payment method. Overall, your financial security is a must.

Trick #2. Withdrawals

The best mobile casino banking methods should take a maximum of 5 working days to process your payments. Some e-wallet options like Skrill and Neteller even offer instant payments. , However, be careful not to choose a mobile casino deposit method that doesn't permit withdrawal. Getting it wrong here will likely get you stuck with any winnings you make, unable to cash out. For example, credit cards don't permit withdrawals depending on the player's jurisdiction.

Trick #3. Withdrawal Limits and Currencies

Still on the withdrawal point, you should read the casino's Terms and Conditions page to determine the currencies and limits supported by a specific banking method. That includes features such as:

  • Minimum deposit amount.
  • Minimum and maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Deposit time – should be instant or take no more than three working days.
  • Withdrawal time – it should be instant or less than five working days.
  • Currencies - $/£/€/¥/etc. It's important to note that longer or shorter withdrawal and deposit time doesn't necessarily disqualify the banking method. So offer more leverage to allow users to reverse transactions or raise disputes if need be. But the faster, the better.

Trick #4. Transaction Costs

Now the rubber meets the road here. Any serious mobile casino player will want to use an affordable banking method. Consider features such as the deposit fee or facilitation charges, which are common when using credit cards. Banks also charge for each transaction you make. Fortunately, e-wallets make things easier, as these options don't have hidden charges. Bitcoin players even enjoy free transactions.

Trick #5. Excellent Support

It's common for players to experience delays after withdrawing money from their casino accounts. In that case, the relevant banking method should offer a quick and helpful solution to the player. If possible, they should be reachable through phone, email, or live chat. Some, such as PayPal, are most helpful if contacted through Twitter. In short, the support team should offer instant answers to any queries.

Trick #6. Ask Google

A reliable banking method should have a good reputation. Research online for reviews or speak to other users about their experiences with a specific banking method. You can even check out the banking method's support database to see how they respond to their clients. Be careful not to believe everything, though.

The Final Advice

Follow the above tips if you want to be sure of getting your winnings every time you make a withdrawal. The simple rule thumb is to carefully read through the mobile casino's T & C section as everything is listed there. And, of course, the casinos should be regulated by a legal entity.

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