Online Poker Strategies



Video poker is one of the most underrated casino games ever. That is partly because the game requires a lot of discipline, bankroll management, and determination. But all this is a myth with the right online poker strategy. Whether you prefer cash games or poker tournaments, below are some tips to help you make money playing online poker. Let’s learn!

Online Poker Strategies

#1 Have a Loss Limit

Some poker players recommend that gamers should keep on playing whether they are winning or losing. But this is far from the truth. If you’re under severe financial duress on the table, the most honorable thing to do is throw in the towel and try next time. Do this as soon as you’ve lost your preset limit. Also, always quit when you’re winning. That is the only sure way to win playing online poker.

#2 Keep Records

Are your winning rates much higher when playing Texas Hold’em than Omaha? Do you hit-and-run when you’re winning? These are just some of the things you need to understand to ensure a long-term winning streak. Try to understand your weaknesses and strengths and work to improve them. Interestingly, there are multiple programs to help you track your poker play. In short, never lie to yourself about poker results.

#3 Set a Time Limit

It’s best to stop playing online poker as soon as your atomic clock shoots out. In other words, have a specific playing time and stick to it. Stop playing as soon as your time says so, even if the play seems promising. Smart people accept letting go of winning opportunities than staying on the table for far too long. You may end up depleting your bankroll and losing even more.

#4 Don’t Play Many Tables

This poker winning strategy is unique in its own right. When playing in a land-based casino, you can only play at one table at a time. The reverse is true when playing online poker. In as much as it’s tempting to play on many tables, it can turn out catastrophic. Players usually make quick and wrong decisions when moving from one poker table to another. But if you’re confident about your multi-tabling abilities, go ahead and make more money.

#5 Play Fewer Hands

Playing fewer hands and playing them aggressively is an online poker strategy that has worked for centuries. Even the world’s best players know that there’s a limit for the number of starting hands to play. The best thing to do is playing a tight range of playable or strong hands and play them aggressively. Play speculative hands like 5, 6, and 7 to disguise the power of the actual hand. Your opponents won’t predict if you have a 7-6, A-K, or A-A when you raise. Be tight and aggressive!

#6 Attack Aggressively When the Opponent is Down

Most online poker players don’t know which hands can call several bets as they should. Therefore, when they check, it means they have a weak hand that will fold when coming up against multiple bets. When your opponent shows this weakness, take advantage, and strike them hard. The trick is to bluff effectively by letting cards dictate your moves on the table.

#7 Play Safe

Winning online poker is almost impossible if you don’t play at the right mobile casino. Fortunately, there are thousands of regulated mobile casinos that let players enjoy all poker variants without worrying about safety. Make sure the casino is regulated, and the games are certified for fairness. Also, check the customer support, banking methods, and of course, the available poker bonuses.

The Sum Up

Remember, you can still lose while trusting the above online poker strategies. That’s because casino games, poker included, are all about luck. But with enough experience and a few solid poker tips, you can win eventually. Enjoy yourself!

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