Win on Online Slots by Selecting the Best Time



Is there really a perfect time to spin the reels online or offline? Is peak attendance that important? If you've also been wondering, the simple answer is that there isn't any specific time to play video slots. That's because video slots use RNG (Random Number Generator) to produce fair and random results. This is among the main reasons why video slots are so prevalent in most casinos.

Win on Online Slots by Selecting the Best Time

However, the fact above can be disputed by debunking some myths and theories. The best time to enjoy video slots does exist depending on how you look at it. So, keep reading to learn one or two strategies.

Peak attendance hours for online gambling

Experience has it that most online casinos' peak time is something between 20:00 to 02:00 hours, depending on your time zone. But is it a good idea to avoid playing at these times? Well, it's quite a mixed bag here because some games are better to play with fewer gamblers on board.

On the other hand, some slots may make money during the hours above. For example, progressive jackpots increased quickly during peak hours. But generally, it doesn't matter whether you play in the evening, morning, or any other time because video slots are winnable 24/7.

Play video slots during the holidays

During the holidays, most online casinos offer promotions and tournaments. Interestingly, this is the time when most of them are also less active. This is especially true during the New Year and Christmas holidays when gambling sites fall over themselves to impress gamers. So, take full advantage of these generous bonuses and make a kill. Remember, you may have to wait for another year before the casinos roll out the promotions once again.

Best time to play jackpots

All gamblers worth their salt dream of hitting that jackpot, even if it is once in their illustrious betting career. Most casinos offer jackpots in either fixed or progressive formats. As the name hints, fixed jackpots don't increase with time. As for progressive jackpots, they grow after every week, month, or any set duration.

That said, it's common knowledge to play jackpot slots when the value is sky-high. For example, Mega Moolah, which is arguably the most popular jackpot slot, has an average payout of $5 million. This means you should play the game when the payout is close to or more than this figure. Also, play jackpots that have been running for an extended period. The paradox is that these jackpots have higher winning chances.

Best time to play land-based slots

If you love land-based gambling, you need to start playing at night. Why? Simple! Most gamblers visit these casinos at night, creating an electric gambling atmosphere. Playing in a crowded place allows you to see what strategies other players use to win.

Also, the jackpot progressives are bigger at night since more people are playing. To back this up, most casinos offer more promotions to attract more players during this time. But as said before, slots are quite random, unlike other skill-based games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Also, what works for player A doesn't necessarily work for player B.

Final Advice: How to win

There is a perfect time to play slots. However, this alone doesn't cut it in an industry that calls for lots of luck and immense discipline.

For starters, have a specific bankroll, whether you're playing online or offline. Stick to it even when the deal looks too good to be true. Also, don't chase losses by knowing exactly when to quit.

Lastly and most importantly, play on regulated mobile casinos. This ensures that you're playing in a free and fair environment. Thus, all your winnings are guaranteed.

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