Bingo Lingo: Master All 90 Slang Terms and Their Origins

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Bingo, a game loved by many across the globe, is not just about numbers; it's a vibrant community with its unique language. This post dives into the fascinating world of Bingo slangs, exploring all 90 terms and what they represent, adding an extra layer of fun to your next Bingo game!

1-10: The Warm-Up Numbers

  1. Kelly's Eye: Named after Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw, it's a reference to his one surviving eye.
  2. One Little Duck: Resembling the number 2, it's as simple as a single quack!
  3. Cup of Tea: A British favorite, the number 3 is a nod to tea culture.
  4. Knock at the Door: Rhymes with four, signaling someone's at the door.
  5. Man Alive: Rhyming with five, it's a call of excitement.
  6. Tom Mix: A rhyme for six, named after an early Hollywood cowboy.
  7. Lucky Seven: Universally known, seven is often seen as a lucky number.
  8. Garden Gate: Rhymes with eight and also a phrase indicating 'don't be late.'
  9. Doctor's Orders: During WWII, number 9 pills were a laxative given by army doctors.
  10. Boris's Den: Ten refers to 10 Downing Street, the British Prime Minister's residence.

11-20: The Teens And Twenties

  1. Legs Eleven: Resembling a pair of legs, often accompanied by wolf whistles.
  2. One Dozen: A common phrase for a group of twelve.
  3. Unlucky for Some: Thirteen's reputation as an unlucky number.
  4. Valentine’s Day: Celebrated on the 14th of February.
  5. Young and Keen: Fifteen rhymes with keen, indicating enthusiasm.
  6. Sweet Sixteen: A significant birthday in many cultures.
  7. Dancing Queen: Referring to the famous ABBA song.
  8. Coming of Age: In many countries, 18 is the age of adulthood.
  9. Goodbye Teens: Nineteen, the last of the teenage years.
  10. One Score: A 'score' is an old term for twenty.

21-30: A Mixed Bag

  1. Key of the Door: Signifies turning 21, traditionally the age of maturity.
  2. Two Little Ducks: Resembling a pair of ducks, hence "quack quack."
  3. Thee and Me: Rhyme for twenty-three.
  4. Two Dozen: Twice twelve, a simple count.
  5. Duck and Dive: Rhymes with twenty-five.
  6. Pick and Mix: Rhyming with twenty-six.
  7. Gateway to Heaven: Rhyming with twenty-seven.
  8. In a State: Rhymes with twenty-eight.
  9. Rise and Shine: Rhyming with twenty-nine.
  10. Dirty Gertie: Based on a WWII song.

31-40: Life's Milestones

  1. Get Up and Run: A rhyme with thirty-one.
  2. Buckle My Shoe: From the nursery rhyme (32).
  3. All the Threes: Visually, three threes.
  4. Ask for More: Rhymes with thirty-four.
  5. Jump and Jive: A dance move, rhyming with thirty-five.
  6. Three Dozen: A simple count.
  7. More Than Eleven: Rhymes with thirty-seven.
  8. Christmas Cake: Rhyming slang for thirty-eight.
  9. Steps: Referring to the 1935 Hitchcock film, 'The 39 Steps.'
  10. Naughty Forty: A playful term for turning forty.

41-50: The Midlife

  1. Time for Fun: Rhyming with forty-one.
  2. Winnie the Pooh: The famous bear, rhyming with forty-two.
  3. Down on Your Knees: Rhymes with forty-three.
  4. Droopy Drawers: Resembling the shape of the numbers.
  5. Halfway There: Half of ninety, the highest bingo number.
  6. Up to Tricks: Rhymes with forty-six.
  7. Four and Seven: A straightforward call.
  8. Four Dozen: Again, a simple count.
  9. PC: Referring to the British police constable, '49' being their code.
  10. Half a Century: Fifty years, a significant milestone.

51-60: The Road to Retirement

  1. Tweak of the Thumb: Rhymes with fifty-one.
  2. Danny La Rue: A famous drag artist, rhyming with fifty-two.
  3. Stuck in the Tree: Rhymes with fifty-three.
  4. Clean the Floor: Rhyming with fifty-four.
  5. Snakes Alive: Resembling snakes, rhymes with fifty-five.
  6. Was She Worth It?: Refers to the 5 shillings and 6 pence marriage license cost.
  7. Heinz Varieties: Refers to the '57 varieties' in Heinz's advertising.
  8. Make Them Wait: Rhymes with fifty-eight.
  9. Brighton Line: Referring to the London to Brighton train.
  10. Five Dozen: A straightforward count.

61-70: The Golden Years

  1. Baker's Bun: Rhymes with sixty-one.
  2. Turn the Screw: Rhyming with sixty-two.
  3. Tickle Me: Rhymes with sixty-three.
  4. Red Raw: Rhyming with sixty-four.
  5. Old Age Pension: The traditional age for retirement.
  6. Clickety Click: Resembling the click of knitting needles.
  7. Stairway to Heaven: Rhymes with sixty-seven.
  8. Saving Grace: Rhyming with sixty-eight.
  9. Either Way Up: The number looks the same upside down.
  10. Three Score and Ten: Biblically, the lifespan of a human (70 years).

71-80: The Sunset Strip

  1. Bang on the Drum: Rhymes with seventy-one.
  2. Six Dozen: A straightforward count.
  3. Queen Bee: Rhyming with seventy-three.
  4. Candy Store: Rhymes with seventy-four.
  5. Strive and Strive: Rhyming with seventy-five.
  6. Trombones: From the song '76 Trombones' in the musical 'The Music Man.'
  7. Sunset Strip: A famous area in Los Angeles, and also resembles two sevens.
  8. Heaven’s Gate: Rhyming with seventy-eight.
  9. One More Time: Rhymes with seventy-nine.
  10. Eight and Blank: Rhyming with eighty.

81-90: The Final Countdown

  1. Stop and Run: Rhymes with eighty-one.
  2. Straight On Through: Rhyming with eighty-two.
  3. Time for Tea: Rhyming with eighty-three.
  4. Seven Dozen: A simple count.
  5. Staying Alive: From the Bee Gees song, rhyming with eighty-five.
  6. Between the Sticks: Rhymes with eighty-six, goalie reference.
  7. Torquay in Devon: Rhyming with eighty-seven, a place in the UK.
  8. Two Fat Ladies: Resembling the shape of the numbers.
  9. Nearly There: Just one short of the top number.
  10. Top of the Shop: The highest number in bingo, signaling the end.

There you have it, all 90 Bingo slangs! Each one is a little slice of history, culture, or just plain fun. Next time you're dabbing your way through a Bingo game, remember these slangs and add a bit of extra zest to your play!

Bingo Lingo: Master All 90 Slang Terms and Their Origins
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